Welcome to Experiential Resources…


…where the big kids who never let go of their inner little kid conspire to create the cool stuff. Since 1993 Experiential Resources (ERi) has played hard at designing and building zip lines, challenge, courses, and aerial adventure attractions that allow people to go to amazing places and participate in the unexpected.

Marry up our penchant for unique product design with our mad technical and operations skills and you’ve got a beautifully designed, high functioning monster of a company on your hands.

In a good way.


Gburg Bridge Sunset.JPG

Gatlinburg SkyBridge

Our current project. A 680’ beautiful suspension bridge, or swinging bridge as they like to say here in Tennessee!

ERi Cable Tensioner.JPG

Our Services

ERi is a zipline and aerial adventure company accredited by the ACCT to provide some pretty neat services, but we go way beyond the norm.



Structures, systems, and software. ERi’s products are designed by industry professionals, for industry professionals.