Equipment Sales

ERi can sell you all sorts of things and we’re happy to help. What we REALLY like to do, though, is have a conversation with you about what your needs really are, and make sure that the equipment you’re wanting to purchase makes sense.

There are a lot of operations out there that are currently using equipment and systems in violation of the manufacturer’s recommendations. And it’s not because they’re feeling rebellious, it’s because someone sold them something without thinking about the specific use, or the big picture. We’re not here to sell you gear, we’re here to help you build good systems.

Give us a call and we’ll talk through what you’re looking for and what you need. We can get you great stuff from these manufacturers, plus a bunch more:

Get ahold of us to chat gear by completing the form below, and of course you can always contact us at or +1.808.441.5347 - give us a call!

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