Gatlinburg SkyBridge

The Gatlinburg SkyBridge is designed and installed by ERi for Boyne USA at their Gatlinburg SkyLift location in Tennessee, USA. At 680’ from tower to tower, it is the longest simple suspension pedestrian bridge in North America, and one of the longest in the world. Commissioning is set for December 2018, and following that the SkyBridge will be open to the public at Boyne’s discretion.

Currently all hands are on deck getting this project to completion, but check back later and when we have more time we’ll share some more details on the project, as well as the installation process. In the meantime check out our photo gallery, plus this sweet video of the decking installation!



Thank you to Rich Benjamin and RBA Marketing for some of the photos of our work out at the SkyBridge. You can visit their website at And thanks to the members of ERi’s “Team Gecko” for the photos they’ve taken throughout this process - they’re beautiful!