Hercules Patent Pending

Consistent. Compliant. Strong Like Bull.


ERi’s patent pending Hercules Braking System (HBS) was designed to be tough, dependable, and to meet both current and anticipated industry standards, whether they be ACCT, ASTM International, or anything else that pops up. Here are just a few of the benefits of the HBS - or “Hercules”, as most of our clients call it:

  • Hercules is a passive braking system, meaning that once it is set, it operates without staff intervention. Plus it can be easily used by both staff riders and guest riders, so everyone’s risk is lowered.

  • Hercules is internally redundant, so no backup/Emergency Arrest Device (EAD) is necessary! That’s right - we said no EAD.

  • Hercules is installed on an independent braking cable, and can be retrofit to existing lines with little impact.

  • Annual maintenance consists of replacing ropes, which can be done at cost and in-house. That’s low-cost, fast turnaround, no fuss maintenance.

  • Hercules is spring-based, and automatically resets after each user detaches from the zip line.

  • Hercules can handle high velocity, high impact braking. That’s what it was designed for, and it can take those hits again and again with no reduction of braking power.

  • Hercules will return the rider to the same position every time, providing consistent braking, and landing zones that can be easily managed by staff.

  • We also have a version of the HBS that is available as an EAD for those braking systems that need a helping hand.

Enjoy the video below, where a 240 pound staff rider hits the brake block at 55 MPH, comes to a smooth, controlled stop, then manages their own landing and detaches themselves with Hercules already back in position and ready to catch the next rider. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.


To chat with us about ERi’s Hercules Braking System, please email us at info@experientialresources.net, give us a call at +1.808.441.5347 or use the form below:

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