ERi has provided professional zipline, challenge course, and aerial adventure course inspections for decades, and we are accredited by the Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT) to provide these services. Our inspections are comprehensive and address the standards as dictated by your Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ).

The two most common standards that we address in our inspections are the ACCT standards (which are also American National Standards), and the ASTM International body of standards. Our team members have helped to develop the standards within these organizations, and continue to be active in their maintenance and evolution.

In addition to these international industry standards, each AHJ has specific requirements that need to be met. Our inspectors are authorized to work in various jurisdictions and have the credentials to expand their range as needed. We provide most of our clients with regular annual inspections (as dictated by all major industry standards), and some of our clients require their inspections to happen with more frequency - either way we’re happy to accommodate.

ERi also provides 3rd party Acceptance Inspections for new construction and major modifications, as well as Post-Incident Inspections and Analysis.

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Yes, testing is often part of an inspection, however ERi also provides testing services independently to contribute to other professional installer and inspectors’ processes, or as part of a commissioning process. We’re happy to help collaborate to ensure that everything on a structure has been thoroughly evaluated.

Also, if you’re interested in zipline inspection and testing in particular, be sure to ask about our Zip Test Data services. It doesn’t get much more thorough than that.