POGO Hydraulic zipline


It was the year 2000. The year we learned about both hanging chads and mad cow disease.  The year it turned out that Y2K wasn’t that big of a deal after all, and the first resident crew was launched to the International Space Station.  CD sales peaked in the US, and Russell Crowe starred in ‘Gladiator’, proving that kilts, pteruges,and similar apparel items can most definitely be masculine.  Most importantly, in the year 2000 the hydraulic zipline was born from the mind of ERi’s owner one Mr. Todd Domeck, who was a mere 26 years old at the time.

Since that time, many companies have imitated ERi’s original design, and would you believe that some have even claimed it as their own?  People in Georgia seem especially susceptible to this unexplained form of memory loss, and for some reason, in addition to forgetting that they did NOT invent the hydraulic zipline, they also do not know the correct way to spell “zipline brake”, despite the fact that they are industry professionals that should know better, and that they have been helpfully told that they need to update their website.  But we digress…

ERi’s Pogo Hydraulic zipline is a simple, easy way to hydraulically tension a zipline.  It allows for the zipline to be raised and lowered literally with the push of a button on a remote control, which provides an opportunity for ADA accessible ziplines, or to simply lower any rider in the landing zone.  The system has minimal maintenance and helps fine folks like our friends at Camp Widjiwagan in Antioch, Tennessee, USA give ALL their campers an awesome zipline experience – check out their video below.  It’s pretty darn neat to be able to be a part of that.

Camp Widjiwagan's new double zip line is fully accessible. Easter Seals give their thoughts on the element after taking on the challenge.

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