YMCA Camp Widjiwagan Y-Tower & Giant Swing

Our friends at YMCA Camp Widjiwagan told us they wanted a tower in the shape of the YMCA logo, so a Y-Tower they got! They also wanted it to be big so we made it 50’ tall, and able to handle 14 climbers at once. And then just for fun (and because we demolished their old Giant Swing) we attached a three-person Giant Swing By Choice to it.

The Y-Tower is a wonderful design because it is able to offer various levels of difficulty to the many skill levels of climbers that “Camp Widji” sees, both at camp and at their conference center. There are even a couple of routes that take you from the tower exterior to the interior. It’s also standing right next door to the camp office, which means that when you arrive at camp, the view of this giant Y leaves no doubt that Camp Widji takes pride in bring part of the YMCA family. But wait, there's more…

The inside of the tower has a bouldering area (low height rock climbing with no harnesses), AND the interior is climbable. Once you get to the top of the inside climb, you can step through a gate system and go off-belay to enjoy a fully enclosed deck at the top, complete with seating and umbrellas!

The angled design meant that we needed to approach construction differently than usual. We built the two main halves of the Y on the ground, face up. Then we had Crane Day #1, where we flipped one half over so it was face-down, then hovered the there half of the Y over it while we attached the intermediate supports. Then we took some time to build out the rest of the structure. After it was mostly finished we had Crane Day #2, where we lifted the entire 61,000lb structure and placed it in its final home. Watch the video below to see what an adventure that day was!



Enjoy these photos of the construction of Camp Widji’s Y-Tower & Giant Swing!