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Zipline Velocity and Brake Testing


Zip Test Data (ZTD) is an ERi affiliate company that provides equipment and software to analyze ziplines and their braking systems. ZTD rents or sells clients the equipment they need to test their systems, along with providing instructions and support to perform the tests.

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Once testing is complete, clients upload and input their data to the ZTD site where it is transformed into professional reports on the zipline system’s performance. Reports can be customized to include client/user logos and provide information on:

  • General site

  • Line construction and specs

  • Rigging/equipment in use

  • Environmental conditions

  • Instrumentation and calibration

  • Test results - including forces experienced by the rider

  • Links to supporting media (photos, video of test, etc.)

Check out this sample page from the full report of testing at one of our client sites:

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Comprehensive line data for use in ensuring your systems will performed as needed. Because you shouldn’t guess about safety.

For more information on Zip Test Data, please complete the form below, or contact us at info@experientialresources.net or +1.808.441.5347

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